October 26, 2011

Let's have a little contest!!!

Although this does not relate to product usage...YOU could get some free stuff! We are hosting a contest on our Facebook page for our fans! The person that finds the most classic cars and then posts the pictures on our Driven Restorations LLC "Wall" will win. Full rules and details are on our page and copied again below:
 Good luck and happy car hunting!
  •   -The Contest: Who can post the most cars before it snows in Randolph WI (better hurry!)
  •   -The rules: 1. Must be a street legal classic car      2. Being driven or obviously just parked on a legal roadway or public parking lot
  •   -Judging:Each submission will be judged after posting-please list the location of the car where you found it
  • Level 1- highest number of finds get a FREE Driven Restorations sweatshirt style of your choice mailed to you!
  • Level 2- When we reach 25 POSTS of cars you've spotted on the road
  • Level 3- When we reach 25 posts and 10 NEW "LIKES"(share this on your wall to get here!)
1st place gets a sweatshirt AND A DETAILING KIT, 2nd place gets a sweatshirt and 3rd place gets a t-shirt

1 comment:

  1. The winners of the contest have received their apparel as requested! We had over 90 submissions from our winner "Mopar"(yes it's a nickname). NICE work to everyone and it's a joy to see that many classic cars on the road this late in the season!


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