April 22, 2012

Website Updates!

A new website is rapidly approaching!

We have been working on a new format that will allow larger picture files, include the blog roll on the webpage and contain some new information about our business. We have to thank The Coder Group http://www.thecodergroup.com/ for all of the work they did on the new format. Our picture posting will be vastly improved and we now have links to ALL of the venues that we share information through. This includes mostly Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and YouTube, but we also are working to maintain LinkedIn and Google+.

Through the summer we will attend many of the area car shows and automotive events and will post updates and photos from each of them. We will be maintaining our own car show and event calendar to include the events we plan to attend(and some that we may miss)

If you have any thoughts or ideas for making us even better on the web please share!

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