September 16, 2013

Photographing Your Dream. Living Ours.

The Arrival  Documentation
1959 Dodge Sierra Spectator Wagon
When we first lay our eyes on your car there are always at least 3 very excited people present. Steve is excited to see what's under that paint, you're excited to get your project underway, and I(Molly, photographer/co-owner ), am terribly excited to find the nuances that will shine through in the photos and make you say "wow!".

We begin with a complete photo documentation(and often video) of the the vehicle as it sits. But we don't settle for "just pictures"

March 22, 2013

1951 Ford Custom Convertible

We are delighted to welcome the 1951 Ford Custom Convertible. Fresh from hiding in the depths of a barn on the owner's property for over 3 decades. This one family owned vehicle is the perfect example of why keeping all the little pieces of paper that gather over the years can really pay off. The original paperwork for the purchase, key holder from the dealership and service tags on the inner door frame were all intact. 
Mechanically, this car is a picture of meticulous maintenance over it's life. The flathead V8 still turns over, the oil is clean and free from discoloration, all the lights work and the tires still hold air even after all those years lying in wait to see the road again.

The '51 Ford before being removed from her home in the shed
We suspect that there has never been a car more loved by a family across multiple generations. Every part, down to the smallest interior trim pieces are still on this car and all the documentation follows closely behind. This vehicle will be completely restored back to the owners memory right down to the am radio. He want's it to be just as he remembers the car when he took rides in it as a child.

See the 1951 Ford Custom Convertible Gallery as we work on the car over the coming months.