August 31, 2014

Decision Making- Your Brain on Restorations

At this very moment, there are at least a couple thousand people looking at a computer screen sorting through ideas for their restoration project. 

Some are working with a shop, others are going to do it alone. Either way, they are browsing, and an endless number of options lay before them. As my father says, "decisions, decisions".
car building decisions
In any given day, a single person can only

August 23, 2014

Addressing the Generation Gap in the Classic Car Industry

"Son on a '69": photo credit: Carrie Anciaux Photography

The following is a link to a Monterey Experts Panel sponsored by Hagerty.

The link will take you to Hemming's Motor News blog and has generated a significant amount of commentary. I am in the minority group of those that commented.

August 17, 2014

The Evolution of a Car Girl

I am a car girl. 

As a young woman, I learned a lot about basic car repair simply by owning a car that required me to practice.I grew up loving cars, probably because I never had a "nice" car of my own.

My first car was a Honda Civic Wagon. Much like the one pictured below(although admittedly mine was in much worse shape). It sported the baby blue paint and stock wheel covers.

Honda Civic Wagon

Yes, that's right. A Civic Wagon. My parents drove it, then my sisters drove it...and then I got the car.

August 1, 2014

Classic Car Buying and Beyond

Purchasing a classic car

It starts with a photograph. 
It's the car!

Frantically emailing the seller you hope that it's still available and the owner will have his wits about him enough to be able to sell it to you, but not so much that he actually knows what he's got. You still can't believe the low price.

You type the message. Hit send..... And wait......And wait.....