April 22, 2012

Website Updates!

A new website is rapidly approaching!

We have been working on a new format that will allow larger picture files, include the blog roll on the webpage and contain some new information about our business. We have to thank The Coder Group http://www.thecodergroup.com/ for all of the work they did on the new format. Our picture posting will be vastly improved and we now have links to ALL of the venues that we share information through. This includes mostly Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and YouTube, but we also are working to maintain LinkedIn and Google+.

Through the summer we will attend many of the area car shows and automotive events and will post updates and photos from each of them. We will be maintaining our own car show and event calendar to include the events we plan to attend(and some that we may miss)

If you have any thoughts or ideas for making us even better on the web please share!

April 6, 2012

Summer Schedule

     The summer of 2012 will be a busy one for us. Most of the events we will attend are local(within WI or a neighboring state). The method behind that madness is to meet as many people locally as possible while keeping the extreme pace of vehicle restorations that we've been on for the last 6 months. The first big one of the season will be the show debut for the 1965 Galaxie and the 1949 Chevy Pickup. See the before's:

     Both of these projects were in a rough state upon arrival(obviously). It will be refreshing to get them out to a show in their full glory and completed at the end of this month at the Madison Classics Jefferson Spring Car Show and Swap Meet. The Galaxie will be for sale upon completion.

The 2012 show dates are as follows:
Madison Classics Jefferson Spring Show, April 27-19th
Beaver Dam, Swan City Car Show, June 17th
Cruzin' Portage Car & Truck Show (show sponsor), June 24th
Iola Old Car Show (and huge swap meet), July 12-15
Car Craft Summer Nationals (MN State Fairgrounds) July 20-22
Goodguys Chicagoland Nationals, Joliet IL, August 10-12
Pardeville car show Sept 1st, 2012
Dodge County Car Show and Swap Meet(Beaver Dam WI) Sept 8-9th
Madison Classics Jefferson Fall Car Show and Swap Meet Sept 28-30

Thats a basic summary. We will be attending most of these and possibly some additional local shows as well. We hope you can find us there!

April 4, 2012

Get Your Motor Running

Test running a motor is always an exciting day!

This is the 390 for the '65 Galaxie bored .30 over. All we have to do now is get the body done and back on the frame in 2 weeks...yes. 2 weeks. Did I mention that the interior has to be completely re-done and the chrome has yet to come back from the plating company? It's okay though. We're used to deadlines.

Rebuilt Ford 390 in the Ford Galaxie
The rebuilt Ford 390 almost ready for a test run

To see the rebuild of the 1965 Galaxie 500 visit our webpage at :www.drivenrestorations.com or find us on Facebook