February 11, 2015

AACA Forums

This Link: http://forums.aaca.org/forum.php will take you the AACA Forums. 
What is there you might ask? 
A GOLD MINE of information and people who love their cars!

TAKE NOTE! Anyone(with or without registration) will have access to VIEW free information on the web. But what fun is being a spectator?! If you want to comment you will need to register with a user name and password. Categories range from "Technical", "Buy/Sell", "Judging", "our cars and restoration projects" to "Services offered". 

Some threads are for one type of car/ time frame specifically. This makes sorting through comments and photos of other people's questions much easier! Don't forget
there is always the option to search.
Not sure what you're looking for? Sometimes you are able to identify a missing part or a way to re-assemble something that may not have been on the vehicle when you got it. 

Staying up to date on resources like this is simple. RSS feeds are available so you can subscribe and get updates automatically when replies are added to the threads you post yourself, or posts are added to those threads that you choose to receive e-mails. You need to be registered (it's free!) for this feature  to work for you.

 Once you get to know the people in the forums you'll find a couple of key resources who you may come to trust for information and leads on where to find specialty parts and products. It's not always overnight, but if you're polite, honest with your level of knowledge and ask the right questions, you will find some indispensable restoration knowledge.

Do you have a favorite forum? Share it in our comments below.
Thanks for reading!

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