June 22, 2014

Classic Auto Repair: Who Do You Trust?

The Classic Mechanic Showcase

If you need a mechanic for your classic car, who do you call? It's not the dealership. Our customer's have trusted us with their investments, family heirlooms and childhood dreams. The next time you need mechanical repairs on your classic car or truck, call someone you can trust! We promise, we won't leave swirl marks in the paint, or grease on the upholstery. We know what that vehicle is worth, both in dollar value and history.

This video features some of the wide variety of cars and trucks that Driven Restorations has had the opportunity to rebuild and enhance over the years we have been in business. Some are fully original restorations, while others are "built to order" for performance. 

What would you build?

Thank you to our customers!  

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