June 10, 2014

Mopar Window Repair/Replacements: 1970 B-Body

 If you need to replace the weather stripping or seals on your windows in a 1970 B-Body Mopar, and you're wondering how in the world the vent window fits back in the door properly, there is little hidden trick.

 There is a screw behind the rubber on the vertical vent window channel. When the screw is removed, you can pull the vertical piece of the vent window outward, just enough, after the whole assembly is in the door, to allow for installation of the door glass and glass guides.  See photos below.

1. All glass and trim removed from the car. The vent widow was cleaned and inspected.  This car, a 1970 Roadrunner, received all new glass channel run, felt, glass guides, hardware, and weatherstrip. You will need a phillips head screwdriver and likely PBR or WD40 to get the screw to loosen.

2. The screw removed(lower hole) from the vent window trim.
 1970 Roadrunner Vent Window Repair 

3. With the screw removed the vertical piece pops out away from from the glass. The rubber on the glass side will come out of it (although not always easily) allowing more movement of the vertical trim piece and easier installation of your door glass.
 1970 Roadrunner vent window repair 2

4. Prep your door and work area for installation: Place tape along the top edges of the paint to prevent chips/gouges in case of slips during glass placement

5. Vent window placed. Prepped for door glass. You will need 2 people for door glass placement if at all possible.
 1970 Roadrunner Window repair 

6.   Now we have our door glass ready for installation. The channel on the left has 2 white guides, one either side of the glass, that will need to go INTO the vent window trim that you have loosened so that you will be able to pull the trim away from the window(gently, but it will take some force) and slide the guides down the channels. The strip seen on the right of window glass must go inside the glass channel run within the door- important, make sure it fits well and stays in the run all the way to the bottom!

7. Once the guides are in place in the vent window trim and the door glass has made it all the way to the bottom of the run, place the screw back in the strip and tighten it up. 

8. Test the function of the window before adding the rest of the trim pieces

1970 Mopar window fitting

9.The door glass and vent window installed on this 1970 Road Runner
 1970 roadrunner door and window fit

After installation and testing the fit and function of the mechanical parts, re-install the window felt and vent window weatherstripping that seals the door window glass.

1970 Mopar B-Body Window felt, installed

Vent window felt/weatherstripping installed on 1970 B-body Mopar

Door glass installation completed on the 1970 Road Runner and all gaskets, glass have been fitted for proper sealing when closed

1970 Road Runner: Restoration completed at Driven Restorations LLC

We used a combination of new parts and original ones which were in fully operational condition. 

Did this method work for you? Comment with your tips and updates!
If you have questions about how to install, repair, or locate parts you need for your Mopar, email us at drivenrestorations@gmail.com


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  2. Do you know the part number of that vent window screw?

  3. I have 1970 roadrunner coupe post car so is there other procedures I need to do?


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