May 21, 2014

1970 Road Runner: Mopar Makeover

1970 Road Runner (Before)
This 1970 Mopar arrived at the shop with 90% original parts and featured a mere 38,000 original miles. While that is often considered desirable, the lack of updated parts(such as spark plug wires) left this Plymouth Road runner with a rough idle and in dire need of maintenance.

After closer inspections it became obvious that the blue on blue Road Runner was also in need of a face lift. Although there is something to be said for an all original time capsule, she needed some attention...
to ensure her future days were road worthy. 

Before Photos: 
1970 Road Runner Engine Bay: Before

Interior 1970 Road Runner: Before

1970 Road Runner: Before

This project began as a paint color and interior swap. The owner's orders were that the blue had to go, but the color was yet to be decided. Steve began stripping the paint and discovered there was a bit more to her history than she had lead anyone to believe. 

Vinyl top removed
 The black vinyl top was not on the owners "keep" list, so the roof was prepped for straightening and paint.
The metal work needed was more than expected including previous repairs gone awry and, (surprise!)more rust, but Steve quickly got the rocker and lower quarters repaired in addition to a couple other "trouble spots" corrected. 

The damaged rocker panel is prepped for replacement

Lower rear quarter panel replacement in progress
Once the work was well underway the owners made the call to expand work to the engine bay and to re-vamp the exhaust for a bit more power and better tone. This Road Runner growls when you go, although you'll always recognize her horn's distinct "meep meep".
1970 Mopar 383 removed to prep the engine and engine bay for paint

Finishing up the engine bay including new ceramic coated headers
1970 Plymouth Road Runner: After
1970 Road Runner: After

1970 Road Runner interior: After

The results are show stopping. Her body lines are now second to none and she's ready for a weekly car cruises in her night life. 

Enjoy the Show:(click below to view the video)

1970 Road Runner

1970 Road Runner Blue
1970 Road Runner: Before
Blue paint
Blue interior
Black vinyl top
90% stock original from factory(down to the spark plug wires)

1970 Road Runner Red
1970 Road Runner: After
Crimson Red paint
Painted factory correct black stripe
White interior
Black carpet
Removed vinyl top
Chrysler orange 383
Ceramic coated Headers
Watch for this lady in red at the shows around Southern WI. We're sure she'll be making the rounds with her proud owners in tow.


Restored by: Steve Gursky Jr, Driven Restorations LLC
Photographed by: Molly Gursky, Driven Restorations, LLC

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