May 26, 2014

Parts and Pieces: The 1965 Galaxie and "other" Ford's

The good news about having this Galaxie: This vehicle type is growing in popularity
The bad news about having this car: We still have this car...and it's still not done! But, that's the story of a shop owned project.
1965 Ford Galaxie Fastback
1965 Ford Galaxie Fastback

We have gotten a lot of questions about where we source parts for this car (and several other Fords) and we will share some of our thoughts on our sources below in this blog post.  We are well on our way to having her up for sale. We just need the "free time"

May 21, 2014

1970 Road Runner: Mopar Makeover

1970 Road Runner (Before)
This 1970 Mopar arrived at the shop with 90% original parts and featured a mere 38,000 original miles. While that is often considered desirable, the lack of updated parts(such as spark plug wires) left this Plymouth Road runner with a rough idle and in dire need of maintenance.

After closer inspections it became obvious that the blue on blue Road Runner was also in need of a face lift. Although there is something to be said for an all original time capsule, she needed some attention...

May 18, 2014

1949 Chevy Pickup 3100: Frame Off Restoration

Enjoy these before and after photos and video of one of our first and favorite frame off restoration of this 5 window 1949 Chevy 3100 Pickup
Mechanical, body, paint and interior were completed by Driven Restorations LLC.

1949 Chevy truck original bed boards                     
Refinishing the original bed boards was a labor of love for the owner. The challenge with using the original boards was the oil staining from the extra mechanical parts leaking over the years. With some time and patience the boards were brought back to their former glory and kept some of their original character.