December 12, 2016

Mopar Metal Repair 1970 Road Runner

Every once in awhile we stumble across an "original" car, which isn't quite as un-molested as we were led to believe. Unfortunately this very low mileage B-body Mopar had some hidden history despite rarely seeing the road. 
The owner of this 1970 Plymouth Road Runner did in fact know about the previous repairs in the lower quarters, however, the rocker panel was a surprise. 1" of mud is NOT how to repair major damage. Ever. No excuses. Here we take you step by step through the repair process, to correct a horrendous repair job done several years ago. 
1970 Plymouth Road Runner being mechanically stripped of all paint
The work is just getting started. Continue reading...

March 30, 2016

1968-1970 B-Body Mopar Windshield Replacement

1970 Road Runner
1968-1970 B-Body Mopar Windshield replacement

In the event that you have to replace your windshield on your 1968-1970 B-body Mopar, you need to know what you're getting into before getting started. This is a step by step guide to the process of replacing or removing and reinstalling the original glass. 
In our example, this 1970 Plymouth Road Runner was receiving a complete paint job with interior and exterior color change. To paint a car properly, the windshield must be removed. 
Read on for our step by step process of handling the windshield. 

BEFORE: This 1970 Roadrunner will receive a complete interior and exterior color change and the vinyl top will be eliminated

Before: Existing trim and glass
Before: Existing trim and glass

1. Remove the existing stainless trim around the windshield. Careful not to bend or crease your trim, look at the clip type and location(more photos later in this post), and use a clip removal tool (looks like a forked pry bar in most cases) suitable for your application.

2. Remove the windshield gasket and glass. It is likely that you will need to cut the rubber weatherstripping gasket that is holding the glass in place to remove the glass without breaking it. There are a variety of tools made for this purpose which will allow you to cut the gasket without gouging your windshield. 
NOTE- Save any and all clips that are screwed into the body of the car which hold the trim in place. You will need these or their replacements. 

March 19, 2016

1973 Pontiac 400 Built for HP and Fun!

Years of storage and memories on the road have this 1973 Pontiac Grand Am showing it's age with a moldy and mouse infested interior and worn out smog motor. It pulled into the shop running on 7 cylinders with a plume of blue smoke behind it. This wasn't quite what the owner remembered enjoying about the car when he first got it in the mid 70's.

 It was quickly decided that a complete mechanical overhaul was a necessity. With orders to add a lot more power, enhance handling and freshen the interior, we began tear down on this customer project in the summer of 2015. It's going to be a sleeper, keeping the original look and paint of the classic Pontiac. The Hooker Aerochamber mufflers and new Crager wheels are the only hints at what's hiding under the hood. 

BEFORE: 1973 Pontiac 400 smog motor, stock
BEFORE: 1973 Pontiac Grand Am: broken front facia

The seats have seen better days. Mice and mold are eating the upholstery away bit by bit. All new interior is on  the way!

Let the work begin!

Engine is removed and mechanical dis-assembly is under way