February 4, 2021

Vinyl Top Installation Guide

Vinyl Top Installation on a 1970 Nova SS

 Step by Step Photos and Descriptions

Vinyl top installation doesn't have to be intimidating. Following a few basic steps and using the correct tools and materials can yield long lasting, show winning results like the one shown on this 1970 Nova SS. 

1970 Nova SS with black vinyl top

Freshly painted 1970 "4th Quarter Nova" SS

    Depending on your situation you may be replacing a top or installing a new one after fresh paint(we should all be so lucky!). In this example, all the glass was already out of the car because we just finished metal, body and paint work on this restorations. To properly install a vinyl top, all top trim, drip rail moldings as well as front and rear glass and related trim clips should be removed.

Vinyl tops arrive tightly folded in a box. It will need to "relax" before installation. 

Notice the extra material at all edges? Be sure you have a quality set of shears to cut the vinyl when it's time to trim, but before you start cutting proper test fitting and alignment is ESSENTIAL! Nothing worse than a vinyl top cut too short!