February 21, 2023

A Car So Nice We'll Build It TWICE! 1980 Turbo Trans AM

1980 Trans Am Turbo 301

This one owner 1980 Pontaic came to us several years ago in need of a mechanical diagnosis of a severe engine knock  and a complete repaint. The body was fairly aged with a few areas that had some rust holes, but it looked like it was just sheet metal rust and the majority of the structure was intact. It still had it's factory color, Ontario Gray, but at some point it had been repaired and repainted with the wrong Phoenix put on the hood. The graphic was turned the wrong way and the all of the decals were the wrong color. Although some parts would need replacement, it was mostly complete other than missing the air cleaner which turned out to be very challenging to find!


Owned locally in Wisconsin, the car has been with the same owner for decades, but it had been several years since it was driven at all and the interior was in pretty rough shape with no headliner to speak of and some mouse houses throughout. There was no shine left to the paint and the decals were barely visible and sun faded. The good news? No bright work! Chrome work can be very expensive, and on this car, even the window trim is painted flat black.