November 23, 2015

1968-1970 B-body Mopar Heater Box with A/C Rebuild

Rebuilding a heater box is hopefully something you'll only have to do once. For that one time you choose to complete it, do it right.

Begin with the correct heater box for your make, model and year. This one will fit a 1968-1970 B-Body Mopar, in this case, a Dodge Charger WITH AIR CONDITIONING. 
There is a big difference between an A/C box and one without A/C. They are not interchangeable.
1970 B-Body heater box as purchased used from an online seller. The lip is typically folded over but the seller had already had this unit apart and didn't bother to re-fold the seam. It will need a little flattening to get it to seal up and fold over properly.

Close-up of bottom of linkage system and vacuum actuator. Taking pictures before you begin the re-build will help you put it back together again...correctly.

1970 Charger Heater box, side view. Most of the hardware is 1/4".

November 12, 2015

Car Parts Art

 As a restoration shop, we end up with a lot of parts that no longer work for their intended purpose. It's become my favorite hobby to create and weld these used up parts into items that are functional, or just plain fun!

Ready to weld!
Stool for our office counter