April 5, 2022

1936 Buick Special 41 Series: A Closer look

1936 Buick Special 41

What arrived at our shop in pieces is whole once again! When we took on this project for our customer the car was disassembled and none of the parts had any labels on them. There were buckets of bolts, most of which were broken off, and random parts from other cars to add to the puzzle. Adding to the challenge was poor print quality of original handbooks and complete lack of photos or comparable vehicles as this is a one year only, exceedingly rare model and year. The entire vehicle was restored to original with a couple minor modifications including a rumble seat and custom color burl wood on the dash and interior window surrounds. 

36 Buick Special
Completed restoration of 1936 Buick Special 40

Completed restoration photo shoot underway in fall of 2020

With the interior fully wrapped in upholstery, you can hardly tell that the frame of the body and doors are wood
The interior trim parts, cables for throttle and choke, as well as the gauge cluster and clock were all restored to original condition...

April 4, 2022

1970 Monte Carlo SS Chassis: A closer look

1970 Monte Carlo SS

The details matter. Every last detail will be judged on the AACA circuit when this build is complete so we take every nut and bolt to a level rarely seen in automotive restoration. Perfection. 

Extensive research and hours upon hours of rebuilding and refinishing have gone into the parts on this chassis, from the frame clip colors, bolt head markings, and date codes to the color finishes and exhaust bends. Here's a closer look at the rolling chassis with up close photos featuring detail most people rarely notice. 

1970 Monte Carlo Chassis
1970 Monte Carlo SS 454 fully restored rolling chassis