April 4, 2022

1970 Monte Carlo SS Chassis: A closer look

1970 Monte Carlo SS

The details matter. Every last detail will be judged on the AACA circuit when this build is complete so we take every nut and bolt to a level rarely seen in automotive restoration. Perfection. 

Extensive research and hours upon hours of rebuilding and refinishing have gone into the parts on this chassis, from the frame clip colors, bolt head markings, and date codes to the color finishes and exhaust bends. Here's a closer look at the rolling chassis with up close photos featuring detail most people rarely notice. 

1970 Monte Carlo Chassis
1970 Monte Carlo SS 454 fully restored rolling chassis

In many cases, the original parts needed to re-used due to rarity of replacements. The automatic leveling system is all original with a few replacement NOS fittings which we were lucky to find. The brake lines and fuel lines were purchased from Inline Tube along with assorted other parts. They provide factory correct parts for many Chevy frame applications.

1970 Monte Carlo Rear axle

As is expected in restorations, finishes on parts being re-used or sourced as original replacements had defects like scratches or discoloration. These were addressed by meticulous prep of each part (including all the hardware) and paint to match the original finish from "bright zinc" to "bare steel". This also prevents issues in the future with surface rust on parts that would have originally been bare metal and exposed to the elements.

Monte Carlo mufflers
Complete exhaust system was bent and stamped per factory specs by Gardner Exhaust

70 Monte Carlo Rear Suspension

70 Monte Carlo Steering box
Monte Carlo SS steering box has correctly stamped hoses and finishes on each component

Monte Carlo 454

Not only is the configuration factory correct, but the stamping on the hoses and the finish on the fittings is matched to what the car would have been originally assembled with. 

Monte Carlo Rear Brake line

Monte Carlo Front Suspension

1970 Chevy Front suspension
All Steering and suspension components were rebuilt and refinished before installation


1970 Monte Carlo SS frame
Passenger side view of the 454 with correct fuel pump and line set up as well as date code correct spark plug wires and factory spec springs

1970 Chevy Brake Caliper rebuild
Correct rear calipers were rebuilt with new seals

1970 Monte Carlo's came with an automatic level control system. All components were tested, refurbished and installed per assembly manual instructions. Some of these fittings were very difficult to locate!

1970 Chevy restored Frame
1970 Rear axle and chassis components with new air lines and correct finishes. Factory correct air line clips were installed after this photo was taken.

1970 Monte Carlo Shocks
Color correct shocks for the 1970 Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Motor Mounts
454 motor mounts ready to install

Chevy Drum Brakes
Rear drum brakes were fully refurbished with color correct internal components

Monte Carlo backing plate
Backing plates and new brake lines finish off the details on the rear axle

With the chassis complete, we are moving on to finish the body and paint work and then this car will receive a new factory correct interior. It's going to be quite the show piece when completed!

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