January 10, 2015

The Road to Restoration: Making it Driven

You read the magazines. The photos make your head spin with ideas. Craigslist and the Shopper ads are your new best friend and you think you've found "the one". Welcome to the Road to Restoration. It's the kind of road that's most fun to take a sports car on a test run, winding hair pin turns every mile, and no speed limit. The sun flashes through the trees on a perfect 75 degree day and there are no other cars for miles. It's all up to you how much fun you'll have, how fast you'll go, and who you'll take with you...

The first step down the Road to Restoration with your long dreamed of classic may feel like a giant leap. How will it hug the corners as you fly down the road? As you close your eyes and imagine that drive, your vision becomes a blueprint for what will take place behind the scenes in our shop. This is what will make your dream a reality.

When you approach a shop to partner with, you will be interviewed. Expect to