September 16, 2013

Photographing Your Dream. Living Ours.

The Arrival  Documentation
1959 Dodge Sierra Spectator Wagon
When we first lay our eyes on your car there are always at least 3 very excited people present. Steve is excited to see what's under that paint, you're excited to get your project underway, and I(Molly, photographer/co-owner ), am terribly excited to find the nuances that will shine through in the photos and make you say "wow!".

We begin with a complete photo documentation(and often video) of the the vehicle as it sits. But we don't settle for "just pictures"
. We hit every angle. Catch every single spot on the car that has character and appeal. After all, just because it's here for work does not mean that it does not inherently contain some unique beauty. during the initial arrival it's not an unusual sight to find me laying on the asphalt taking pictures as Steve discusses ideas for paint color and interior finishes with the owners.

1970 Roadrunner

Why do we do so much with documentation? The documentation isn't just pretty, it also has a true purpose. Our owners are provided more than enough information to obtain proper insurance and an accurate valuation on their vehicles after the work is completed. We are careful to document every last little piece that we work on or replace. This is all included, along with very detailed billing invoices and an electronic copy of the photographs for your use when you're vehicle is restored at our shop.

1965 Galaxie 500 XL


1970 Roadrunner prep work
Next, when we take the vehicle apart, we begin the process of sorting parts and documenting any portion of the car that will be re-done. This can at times be a little harder to make into a dynamic photograph(a greasy transmission is after all just a greasy trans), but it does have it's moments of absolute beauty. The parts are sorted and labeled as well as photographed to ensure that every last piece is tracked from start to finish with your individual project.
1951 Ford Body, after media blasting
All car and truck owners are provided the complete photo library of their project upon completion to allow them to print and share their pictures as they see fit. Those owners that "opt in"  also may choose to receive regularly e-mailed photo updates. This provides some interesting dinner party conversation. Between the normal discussion and photo exchanges of recent travel, children and grandchildren, you could be sharing photos of your freshly media blasted car body or rebuilt and painted engine. This is sure to perk the interest of some of your friends and family. Especially when your loved ones start jostling for position to be the first to accompany you for an evening cruise.
1979 Ford Thunderbird: Paint-before buff and polish


1991 Chevy Camaro: Repaint, aftermarket hood
The real glory is on the final day. When the car has just finished being buffed, polished and detailed, we have an overcast or perfect sunset and we can capture that breathtaking final photo for the farewell documentation of the car. Nothing can top a perfect photo of the freshly painted and assembled customer projects we have roll through our shop. When the weather allows us to document the car in the most beautiful light in our country setting, we provide our customers with some show stopping images.

1963 Ford Galaxie Convertible Interior: Completion Photo

1977 Mustang II Cobra Completion Photo

The process truly is our passion. Luckily while Steve is so busy working on the cars, perfecting the paint and the finishes, my joy is found in documenting Steve's passion for what he does which can be found under every hood and behind every coat of paint.  The mirror-like finishes that result in the photo's are no accident. It's a result of the hours spent on the metal and prep work that lies under the final finishes. The results make driving the cars, using them for photos, and talking to strangers even more fun for our customers and ourselves. Because restoring and photographing your dream, is our dream as well.

1949 Chevy Truck: paint reflection
Old Time '49

Thank you to all of our customers for granting us permission to photograph their cars and share their project's transformation with the world. 

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