January 10, 2023

1969 Nova SS Project Spotlight

1969 Nova SS 396: Project Spotlight

This 1969 Nova was purchased locally by it's owners and had a few details that needed improvement right away. It was updated and upgraded in a few different stages at our shop, Driven Restorations in Randolph WI.

We first went through the mechanical inspection. While there were glaring concerns about the longevity of the engine we did some basic maintenance and got it in safe working order for it's first cruise season. Later that year, the car returned for it's necessary engine overhaul. The 396 was using about a quart of oil between every gas tank fill up. We rebuilt the engine over winter and did an overall facelift of the engine bay to get the car owners back on the road for the summer season once again! That season was far more enjoyable for them, but there was still something missing.

Third time is the charm for this muscle car as it came back to the shop for a full facelift. The transformation was really incredible as the Nova went from dull and boring baby blue to the brilliant Hugger Orange the car owners were looking for.

69 Nova SS

1969 Nova SS arrival shortly after being purchased. Complete inspection and mechanical repairs were first on the list for that summer's cruise season.

1969 Nova SS
Bigger rear tires and gave this Nova some attitude and stance 

69 Nova engine removal
Engine removal to remedy the oil consumption problem this engine had: 1 quart per tank of gas fill up!

Chevy Big Block
The original Chevrolet 396 was removed and fully rebuilt during the Nova's first visit to the shop.

69 Nova Big Block
Engine overhaul and engine bay facelift completed

Mechanical updates and full engine rebuild completed, the Nova owners enjoyed the cruising season to the fullest. But there was still something that needed attention...the paint!

The Nova returns to Driven Restorations for a facelift 

Although the cruise season was more enjoyable with the updated mechanicals, the blue paint left a whole lot to be desired. It had numerous defects up close and almost no shine. Overall the body was in good condition with minimal rust showing. We uncovered a few secrets under the blue paint including a deformed passenger door opening and significant mouse damage in the rockers. Overall it needed straightening and panel fit correction to truly live up to it's full potential. An updated color was the icing on the cake. 

Hugger Orange coming right up!

Hugger Orange Car
Hugger Orange with black racing stripes do this Big Block SS Nova justice.

Hugger Orange Nova
The fresh paint really highlights the view under the hood

Nova SS 396

Nova Interior
Interior updates were minor and kept in line with a stock 1969 Nova

1969 Nova SS
Now completed, this Nova was ready for the show circuit. We love getting trophy photos from the owners!

69 Nova stripes


1969 Nova

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